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    It is a special type of vehicle registration plate introduced in many countries to enhance the security of vehicles and curb instances of vehicle theft and duplication. It is designed with various security features and standardized specifications, making it more difficult to tamper with or forge the registration plate.

    Key features:

    1. Tamper-Proof Material: Made from a special tamper-proof material that prevents unauthorized removal or alteration of the plate’s details.
    2. Security Screws: Affixed to the vehicle using special security screws that require specific tools for installation and removal, making it harder for thieves to replace the plate with a counterfeit one.
    3. Unique Identification Number: Assigned a unique identification number that is registered in a centralized database, making it easier for authorities to track and verify vehicle details.
    4. Retro-Reflective Technology: Equipped with retro-reflective technology, ensuring better visibility during low-light conditions and enhancing road safety.
    5. Hologram Sticker: Come with hologram stickers to further enhance security and prevent counterfeiting.
    6. Standardized Design: Standardized design and layout, making them easily recognizable and distinguishable from regular registration plates.


    1. Enhanced Vehicle Security: The tamper-proof and unique identification features make it challenging for criminals to steal vehicles or use counterfeit plates.
    2. Improved Traffic Management: The retro-reflective technology increases visibility, allowing better monitoring of vehicles on the road, especially during nighttime.
    3. Easy Identification: The standardized design makes it easier for law enforcement agencies and the public to identify genuine registration plates.
    4. Centralized Database: The unique identification number is linked to a centralized database, making it simpler for authorities to access vehicle-related information quickly.
    5. Compliance with Regulations: Many countries have made it mandatory for new and existing vehicles to ensure better compliance with vehicle registration norms.

    It’s important to note that the specific features, design, and implementation may vary from country to country based on their respective regulations and requirements. As an essential step toward enhancing vehicle security and road safety, many governments have adopted them as a standard practice for vehicle registration.

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